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In January of 1961, Dr. Rosemary Redmon Cosby, also known as “Mama”, left her home in Indianapolis, Indiana, where she stepped out on faith, determined to obey God. Leaving behind family and friends, Mama journeyed to Salt Lake City with her four small children. Although Mama stated she had no other choice, God honored it as faith. Like Abraham, God blessed Mama abundantly.

When Mama left Indianapolis, she only had enough money for bus fare to St. Louis, Missouri. Mama’s mind was made up that after the money ran out, she would walk the rest of the way. God laid it on friends’ hearts to drive Mama to St. Louis and she caught a bus to Kansas City, Missouri. There, believing and trusting in God, Mama and her four small children began their incredible journey, walking to Salt Lake City. Seeing that it was in the month of January, they were cold and hungry, but Mama promised God and she was determined to walk all the way.

When Mama arrived in Junction City, Kansas, which was about half way to Salt Lake City, Mama encountered a christian woman by the name of Mrs. Campbell. Mrs. Campbell heard about Mama’s hardship, which Mama never counted her journey as hardship, Mama often told her children “When we get to Salt Lake City we will have a testimony”, but worried only for her children. Mrs. Campbell put Mama and her children in one of her trailer homes and Mrs. Campbell then bought them food and supplies.

Along the way, one of the local churches of Mama’s denomination heard of Mama’s walk to Salt Lake City. The local church put Mama and her small children in one of their homes.

One of the elders’ of the church encouraged Mama to run a revival. Soon the word spread around the surrounding cities about a woman and her four small children walking to Salt Lake City. People came from miles around to see this woman with endless faith and to hear her testimony.

Night after night offerings were lifted for Mama’s journey to Salt Lake City. Although Mama was treated good and she was living comfortably, it was time to continue her trip to Salt Lake City that God had instructed Mama to do. Now although many offerings were taken for Mama’s journey to Salt Lake City, on Mama’s departure, the local church bought Mama and her children train tickets and gave them food. Mama didn’t complain and she also thanked God.

Now upon arriving to Salt Lake City, Mama endured great hardship. Nowhere to live, no food, many persecutions and great afflictions, Mama and her children endured. But through it all, Mama was determined to do God’s will, knocking on doors and witnessing to people in a city that was predominately L.D.S. This city, Salt Lake City, Utah, was a city that great men of pentecost passed by, stating that Salt Lake City was too hard to establish churches.

But through God, because God promised Mama through scriptures and prophesy that He would establish Mama in these mountains, without help from Mama’s mother church or organization, and with all odds against Mama; being a woman, and a black woman in the early sixties, Mama overcame the odds and satan himself and Mama established Faith Temple Pentecostal Church.

Mama saw a more glorious and excellent day coming. Mama continued to seek God until God revealed in her the Father and the Son. Mama saw the Sonship and the humanity of Jesus Christ and even further, Jesus was a man just as we are. Jesus was the seed of David. Not only can we be like him, we can also live as Jesus lived. God saw that we were off the foundation that was laid by the prophets and apostles and Jesus himself being the Chief Corner Stone.

God established through Mama, a church of ministers, as Elisha established a school of prophets. Mama teaching the ministers to be of one mind, going against everything that mainstreamed christianity teaches and allowed God to manifest himself in her. Thereby showing us that it is possible and showing us the very essence of God, that as ministers according to the Bible, not what man states, but that we must live and be like Jesus. Not according to the error in 325 A.D., the Roman Emperor Constantine along with the bishops, the head of the churches came together in Nicea in agreement and took the church away from what the apostles taught and died for.

Therefore, through Mama, God established a ministry with one mind, The Voice of God’s Ministries, Back to the Foundation.                 ~ Bishop Robert C. Cosby

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